How to Clear or Delete Bing Search History

Learn how to delete bing history, Use this step by step tutorial with pictures to clear bing search history.

Delete Bing History

Bing is the default search engine comes with Microsoft edge /window explorer and mostly everyone is aware of the bing as the general search engine used by many and known to all. Bing is providing the basic interface in which all the searches done in the past can be tracked and managed as web-browser bing store the data and website searched previously using bing is saved. Bing providing the interface allows a user to log-in using Microsoft account and with that login your searched history is being managed and can be synchronized on any machine and on a particular system if you are using it without logging in then also keeps a record of it which can be easily accessible.

Can we view Bing History?

However Bing is the user preferred and up voted search engine as it maintains its accountability ratio in the web-market and offers better and updated services. Bing generally ask for Microsoft login to synchronize the cache and cookies history related to your id and helps you to easily access your daily website within a second. Yes we can easily view the Bing history by following simple steps:

Step: Click on the sign-in for Microsoft account if have or else choose the application tab over right near to sign-in.

Bing history

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Here you can easily log-in to your Microsoft account or just click over right application tab to view the number of options and here you will be able to see the search history.

Step: Click on the Search History to view the History:

Bing history tab

Here you will be able to see the search history button and some other applications which can be easily access on the bing as these are the recently updated features which are being provided by the bing.

Step: Search History can be easily accessible here:


Here you will be able to view all the search websites and keywords in the bing history and can be easily accessed as you can click over it to redirect at page. Search history in the bing stores all the previous information and explored till yet in the form of history, cache and cookies which simply helps the search engine to understand you and suggest you according to your searches.

How to delete Bing History?

While if you are aware of the steps that how to view the history and locate it , how to reach history tab and view then just click on the clear all tab and delete all the recent data till date get deleted. But if you are unaware that how you can access the history and view it then follow the above stated steps and then follow the last step in the below image.

Step: Click Clear all to delete all history.

Clear all

Here you will be redirected when you click on search history as when you scroll down there will be view of history and above that clear all option comes which will help you to clear all the history.

You can also manage the data as all your bing history can be managed over cloud which eventually help you to access same thing at different objects as well. You can also control the feature of suggestion as you can disable the suggestions over the tab.

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