How to Fix Error Code 0x80070490 in Windows 10

The error 0x80070490 is directly indicates that there is a corrupted file/ process present in the System Component Store/Component-Based Servicing (CBS). The article will help you learn how to fix this error

Disable- 3rd party antivirus

It is always better to check if there is a conflict between software before you move to troubleshooting.

In case you are using a 3rd party antivirus installed, ensure that built-in solution (Windows defender) is also disabled to prevent software conflicts.

Sometimes even when Windows Defender is also disabled, some anti-malware software isn’t efficient enough to give required permissions for updates.

To check if this problem in not because of antivirus, just disable real-time protection and firewall. Now restart your system and try to start update again.

In case the update is carried out successfully, you need to install the 3rd party antivirus again or just search for another better option. In case the error still persists then moves to next solution.

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Repair WU using – Windows Repair suite

WU supports all latest versions of Windows automatically trouble shoot the steps for users

The WU repair system works perfect and can be used to resolve the issue and here is how you can accomplish the task

Download & Install  Windows Repair

Open – Windows Repair, choose tab – Repair – Main and click – Open Repairs.
In the window – Repairs, check the drop-down menu underneath Repairs and select – Windows Updates preset. Once you select the repair options click the button –Start Repairs and then wait for process to get over.

Restart your machine and check if you are getting the same error while performing Windows update. In case yes, then try next solution

Run – System File Checker Scan

Windows comes with an amazing built -in tool helpful to fix corruption issues like 0x80070490 error. Here’s how you can run System File Checker scan

Click – Start menu and  look for – cmd. Now right click –Command Prompt and simply choose to – Run as administrator.

Type in – sfc /scannow(in In Command Prompt) and press – Enter. It will activate system search which will scan and look for corrupted files. Wait for the process to get over.

Once the process of System File Checker finishes the scanning, check if it displays that CBS store is actually corrupted. In case yes, then type the command –Dism given below and press –  Enter
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

When clean up is over, close the Command Prompt. Now, press- Windows + R key to expand the window – Run. Type the following -services.msc and then hit – Enter to expand the windows –Services

In Services window, search for the entry -Windows Update, right-click it and then choose – Restart. After the service restarts you need to repeat the process with Windows Module Installer.

Once you restart the two services, try and update again and check if you are getting the error again.

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