How to fix memory leak in windows 10

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The article will help you learn about the methods that can help you fix memory leak issues in Windows 10.

Search for a Memory Leak using -Windows’ Resource Monitor

Resource Monitor is an excellent built-in tool which helps you get a clear idea of how Windows controls the resources of your computer like RAM, hard drives CPU.,

In case you doubt that a process or an application is not freeing standby memory, then Resource Monitor is the right option to start monitoring. The steps listed below explain how to check memory usage of your system in Windows 10.

Press – Windows+R, now enter – “resmon,” next select –OK.

Select the Memory tab, and then select Commit to reorder the list.

Check –Standby (blue bar) with applications you normally use.

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Identify  Memory Leak using – Windows’ RaMMap

RaMMap is a Microsoft’s free tool which shows real-time data about how Windows controls and assigns your RAM.

Just like Resource Monitor, the tool RaMMap will show standby memory usage, and it is available on Windows 10. The steps shown below elaborate on method to download & run RaMMap.

Head to –  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” RaMMap’s Sysinternals page, now choose – Download RaMMap.

Right-click- RaMMap application file, now select – Run as administrator.

Review – SYSINTERNALS SOFTWARE LICENSE TERMS, next you need to select –Agree.

Select the tab-Use Counts and check standby memory, to check if it increases.

It is also possible to get into in-depth of each process which utilizes the physical memory on the tab –Processes

Check RAM using – Windows’ Memory Diagnostics Tool

Running the tool – Windows’ Memory Diagnostics is a perfect method to check the physical memory of your computer completely for possible errors.

Press – Windows +R, now, enter- “mdsched.exe,”  select – OK.

Choose the following– “Restart now & check for problems (recommended)”.

This will start the test and it may last for several hours before it completes. Just follow on screen instructions if any after the test gets completed.

Vacate -Standby Memory in Windows using RaMMap

Right-click – RaMMap application file, select – Run as administrator.

Select – Empty, select- Empty Standby List.

Your standby memory should be quite low

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