How to fix registry errors in windows 10

Normally, you may receive a corrupt registry error post doing some modifications within Registry Editor. Hence it is recommended that you backup registry prior to changing almost anything as you have the internal settings of Windows 10 system exist there.

Here are some solutions that will help you eliminate the registry errors in Windows 10

Repair your system

You will need Windows installation disk

Insert Windows 10 DVD /installation media and then reboot the device.

When asked press any key to boot through DVD/USB.

Wait for some time till installation process starts.

Now through Windows installer menu move to – “Repair” and then follow the instructions as given on screen to resolve Windows 10 system – remember your data will not be deleted as operating system gets restored to a normal state.

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Run a SFC scan

Also, you can try to run – System File Checker

Start – Command Prompt window (head to -Start, right click- Start button and then select – “Run cmd as administrator”)

On cmd window just type – sfc / scannow and hit -enter

Install – Registry cleaner

If the above method doesn’t work for you, you can try using registry software. You can also find many other tools that help you fix missing/corrupted registry keys.

Refresh the system

Windows 10 lets you reset the machine without losing your files. This feature actually refreshes the system files and allow you to eliminate Registry issues.

Go through the steps below to reset the machine.

Head to – Settings panel—click – ok Update and Security

Select Recovery— click on —Get Started

Select —Reset This PC section, and next – Keep My Files

Follow the instructions given on your.

In case the above methods do not work for you to solve Registry problems, then it’s time for you to actually install your Windows right from scratch.

Run- DISM command

Head to Start—launch Command Prompt as Administrator

Type –  DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth command—press Enter

Wait for the scanning to get over

Clean Registry

Registry entries are details of what tasks you carry out on your PC. For example each app you install every web page you browse etc. After a period of time all these entries accumulate and may lead to Registry issues.

Cleaning the registry can solve the Registry corruption problems you are facing.

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